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Paranormal Lockdown 2016 S01 1080p WEBRip x265 HEVC 10bit AAC 5.1-Qman [UTR]

Paranormal.Lockdown.2016.S01.1080p.WEBRip.x265.HEVC.10bit.AAC.5.1-Qman [UTR] Season: 01 Episodes: 06 Summary: Nick Groff, a paranormal investigator who’s “on a mission to discover something new in the paranormal field”, and paranormal researcher Katrina Weidman who will both spend 72...


Black Sails S04 1080p 10bit WEBRip 5.1 x265 HEVC-Qman [UTR]

Black.Sails.S04.1080p.10bit.WEBRip.5.1.x265.HEVC-Qman [UTR] Season: 04 Episode: 10 Summary: The pirate adventures of Captain Flint and his men twenty years prior to Robert Louis Stevenson’s classic “Treasure Island.” Flint, the most brilliant and most feared pirate...


Black Sails 2014 S01-S03 1080p BluRay 10bit 7.1 x265 HEVC-Qman [UTR]

Black.Sails.2014.S01-S03.1080p.BluRay.10bit.7.1.x265.HEVC-Qman Seasons: 03 Episodes: 28 Summary: As the British Navy returns to redeem their land and exterminate Flint and his crew, another side of him emerges. Captain Flint aligns himself with Eleanor Guthrie, daughter...